🍿 Filmpolitiet API


I highly suggest having jq installed so you can do JSON queries on the responses.

GET /reviews

curl -X GET "https://filmpolitiet.wyd.no/reviews"


curl -X GET "https://filmpolitiet.wyd.no/reviews?page=2"

Specific type of reviews

curl -X GET "https://filmpolitiet.wyd.no/reviews?type=<type>"

Replace <type> with either:

  • movie
  • tv
  • game

Example for only movies:

curl -X GET "https://filmpolitiet.wyd.no/reviews?type=movie"

By rating

You can choose between rating 1 – 6.

curl -X GET "https://filmpolitiet.wyd.no/reviews?rating=6"

By author

Replace <authorId> with the author/reviewer you want to query the reviews for.

curl -X GET "https://filmpolitiet.wyd.no/reviews?author=<authorId>"

NOTE: As of now you cannot query only authors to find their IDs.

Combined query

Example for querying all movie reviews by Birger Vestmo where the rating is 5.

curl -X GET "https://filmpolitiet.wyd.no/reviews?type=movie&rating=5&author=1"